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What is Hope For Kids?
Hope For Kids has been called the "most exciting" thing to come along in children's ministries in 30 years! Why? Hope For Kids Workshop is a discipleship training program for Adult to teach and mentor children the truths of the Gospel message and shows them how they can share it with others.

Kids Can Share
Hope For Kids is based on the belief that kids can share the Gospel and it is the responsibility of parents and pastors of the church to teach them how to do so. We believe the Great Commission is for everyone, not just adults or even youth. Hope For Kids lays a foundation for spiritual growth in children and enables youngsters to respond with excitement and enthusiasm to Jesus' command to all of us to be His witnesses. It develops a world-view that is framed by the recognition that without faith in Jesus we are all lost in our sins.

Hope For Kids is a visual, interactive approach that teaches Primary 1 to 6 grade students the clear Gospel message and equips them to share it with others. The approach to Hope For Kids was developed by children's ministry leaders who worked with children to find out what the children responded to. Hope For Kids provides colorful teaching tools that make learning the Gospel presentation fun and interactive. It also uses games, music, skits, the Hope For Kids presentation of the Gospel, and exposition of the Word, designed to reach young children.

Hope For Kids in Malaysia started in 2002 (Internationally in 2000) when Rev Lalano from the Philippines came to conduct the first Hope For Kids Leadership Clinic in Miri hosted by Miri Gospel Chapel. Now Hope For Kids is already implemented in several churches in Sarawak, Sabah and West Malaysia and has entered more than 40 countries, worldwide. God is reaching the world through Hope For Kids and He is inviting kids to the harvest field. So what are we waiting for?

How to join?

Registration per Adult: RM150.00
(Inclusive of course & craft materials, function rooms, all meals but not inclusive of accommodation)

Each participant must confirm his/her attendance by filling the Registration Form and with the following requirement:-

A letter of recommendation from the  participant’s church or Pastor/Elder. 

Closing Date : 5 May 2013
Vivien Lim
Hp : 016-8724561
e-mail: mdm.vivien.lim@gmail.com    

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